• #ProductShow - PRO-TEC Klima Fresh

    The freshness-kick for the car!

    • Removal of unpleasant odors
    • Intensive air freshening in the vehicle interior and the air conditioning
    • Easy to use without assembly work
  • #ProductShow - PRO-TEC Carbon X

    The rejuvenation for the engine!

    • Effective combustion chamber cleaning without time-consuming dismantling
    • For quiet engine running, constant performance, low fuel consumption and low emissions
  • #ProductShow - PRO-TEC DPF/Catalyst Cleaner

    The diesel particle filter restoration!

    • Solves and removes operational contamination of the diesel particle filter / catalytic converter
    • Cleaning without dismantling
    • Evaporates without residues
    • Re-establishes the function of the DPF/CAT completely
    • Works great for cleaning the exhaust gas recirculation valve as well

    Service for automatic transmission!

    • Fits all usual car models
    • Manometers for oil temperature and pressure
    • Ease of use due to the LCD display
    • Effective wear protection
    • Minimal efforts for cleaning and caring
    • Without a binding contract
  • #ProductShow - Clear Flow Fuel System Cleaner

    Maximum cleaning effect!

    • Suitable for diesel and petrol engines
    • Cleans dirty and resinified nozzles, injector valves and fuel injection pumps sustainably
    • Removes residues in the combustion chamber, piston top and fire land
    • Thorough air intake system cleaning possible through a large set of adapters

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