Diesel System Super Clean

DSSC is a high-performance cleaner for all diesel engines, which is optimized for use in vehicles with particulate filters and contains solely ashless ingredients. It removes operationally caused contamination, resin and adhesive bonds in the entire diesel system from the tank, over the injectors and injection pumps to the combustion chambers. Thus, the fuel atomization is optimized, Carbon residues and soot deposits in the entire upper cylinder area are removed and protecting these same ( optimum lubrication in accordance with DIN 590 HFRR ). A clean and powerful combustion will be achieved (significant fuel savings and optimized engine performance), the exhaust gas values will be improved and the life of injection units will be extended.

Your benefits:

  • clean and powerful combustion (optimum engine performance and remarkably reduced fuel consumption)
  • considerable reduction of smoke and soot emission
  • improved lubrication during cold start
  • extended lifetime of injection units and Catalysts
  • Improving the exhaust emissions

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