Carbon X Combustion Chamber Cleaner K1+K2

CX.PT P4650 Carbon X Combustion Chamber Cleaner 2-Comp.

Component K1 (cleaning foam) is a specially developed high-performance formulation that dissolves and removes all operationally caused contaminations in the entire combustion chamber of an engine. The product removes carbon residues in the cylinder head area, in particular on the valves, the piston crown, the piston top land and in the area of the first piston ring. It also cleans the seats of intake and exhaust valves (if they are open). Residues in the EGR valve, the turbocharger and the air intake system (intake manifold to intake valves) are also reliably eliminated. Carbon X does not attack seals and is compatible with all engine components.

Component K2 (neutralizer) causes a chemical reaction which liquefies the previously introduced cleaning foam (K1) and binds the dissolved contamination. With the Carbon X Extractor (Part No. 34142), the resulting emulsion and the dissolved deposits can be removed safely from the combustion chamber. Since K2 has highly efficient lubrication additives with exceptionally high cohesion (extreme pressure additives), Carbon X protects the engine from high friction during the start-up process, thus preventing wear of the mechanical components. In addition, the seals are effectively protected.

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