Workshop System

The Success Concept

All PRO-TEC customers receive high-quality and environmentally-friendly products designed for a wide range of services. They also benefit from a wide range of advantages the sibling workshop concept brings. The long-term success of PRO-TEC is based on a combination of these two aspects. For all business partners, this means:

  • Increase in sales
  • Maximized customer satisfaction
  • Minimized time spent working
  • Reduced rate of complaints

Workshops that place their trust in PRO-TEC use our concept to give their customers a comprehensive service that benefits all those involved sustainably and in the long-term.

Quality Standards

As technology leader in the field of vehicle chemicals, PRO-TEC goes much further than simply fulfilling regulatory standards. We say this because we know that only when all the aspects of our business consistently meet the highest standards can we sustainably deliver all-round quality. With PRO-TEC, workshops around the world can offer the best service and turn occasional customers into satisfied and loyal regular customers.

Product Quality

All PRO-TEC products are consistently tested and controlled, right from the development phase. The quality of both raw materials and finished products are monitored in accordance with strict policies. The in-house PRO-TEC test lab regularly carries out random checks to confirm the high standard of the product range. Specially developed innovation processes ensure that our product range is constantly adapted to changing environmental conditions.

Environmental compatibility is of particular importance to product quality, and is an aspect which we pay maximum attention to during development and production. This focus results in resource and energy use that is highly efficient and packaging which is all recyclable. Enhancing compatibility is a fixed aspect of our continuous improvement processes.

Service and Process Quality

Quality in service is a very important factor for PRO-TEC. The qualified customer service provides support on all issues relating to products and technical equipment, provides information on application options and advises on the introduction of the workshop concept. Together with PRO-TEC service technicians, PRO-TEC customer service representatives perform on-site training and orientation sessions.

Another quality requirement at PRO-TEC is the constant improvement of process control. The objective here is to continuously develop and optimise internal processes with regard to deadline precision, cost reduction and delivery times. PRO-TEC always acts in the interest of the customer in a concerted effort to meet all requirements at all times and to the fullest extent.

PremiereClass Design

All items have a clear and comprehensible design to simplify day-to-day work with PRO-TEC products and make it easy to use newly developed ones. Our PremiereClass Design is comprised of several elements:

  • Strikingly accented colours on the packaging signal the respective area of application to the professional user (e.g. blue = air intake system, red = fuel system petrol etc.)
  • Individual product colours make sure that all the item in a category can be distinguished between

If there are any questions, QR codes on all the products provide access to quick and easy background information including product descriptions and detailed application notes or videos.