Rattling noises in the VW Golf Mk4
Thursday, June 1, 2017

The loud engine noises a VW Golf IV was making were quickly and easily corrected using a variety of PRO-TEC products without additional work – a field report from the Citroën Autohaus Schade in Meissen.

Conspicuous engine noises are enough to alarm any car owner. The more threatening the clattering and rattling sounds, the faster you will realize: Something is not right here. When that happens, drivers look up their trusted mechanic so they can fix the problem as fast as possible.

The Citroën Autohaus Schade in Meissen recently saw a good example for how PRO-TEC can help solve the problem quickly, with an inexpensive solution customers appreciate. In this case, the vehicle was a VW Golf IV that had a few kilometers under its belt already. It was making a clear rattling noise, especially after a cold start.

It was tough to miss the noise as soon as the car rolled into the workshop. A basic inspection showed that the problem was the oil ducts to the hydraulic lifters, which were completely clogged. The first step was to use PRO-TEC Engine Flush to fix the problem. This removed all the contamination and gummy deposits throughout the entire oil and lubricant circuit. Then the oil was changed, with PRO-TEC Oil Booster added in. This additive reduces friction and wear, prevents deposits, and ensures continuous lubrication throughout any temperature range. Now the VW Golf IV had fresh oil with optimized properties in its system. The vehicle was started the next morning, and the difference was clear immediately: No more rattling!

Thanks to PRO-TEC, the customer received a simple and inexpensive solution to his problem and left entirely satisfied.