PRO-TEC: Perfect for diesel vehicles
Thursday, October 19, 2017

Dirk Ress, CEO of the Autocenter Itzgrund in Coburg (Germany), trusts in the high effectiveness of the quality brand PRO-TEC in the case of diesel engine problems. The extensive range offers the right solution for a wide range of scenarios.

"When customers visit a car workshop nowadays, they have significantly more requirements than they did ten years ago. It is important for them to get not only a 100% solution but also an extremely fast one and, of course, the cheapest possible one for their problem. However, a complex change of parts is the worst thing that can happen", explains Dirk Ress, CEO of the Autocenter Itzgrund in Coburg (Germany). He continues: "I am glad that, as a PRO-TEC partner, I am always able to offer the best service!"

PRO-TEC and diesel vehicles: two examples

"Actually, I could tell of many stories where we have achieved the best results with PRO-TEC products – to the delight of our customers! However, I would like to limit myself to two cases focusing diesel engines", says Dirk Ress. His examples are about an Audi A1, which after the software update in the course of the “Dieselgate" had problems with the exhaust gas recirculation, and a Fiat Ducato camper with an extremely high consumption.

1. Low cost, great effect

Dirk Ress: "The vehicle in the first example was an Audi A1 1.6 TDI (built 2010) with a mileage of 71,500 km. It had received the software update, which was published by VW in the course of the "Dieselgate". Subsequently, the driver repeatedly received the error message "EGR blocked". Of course, the customer wanted to avoid replacing parts, so we suggested an alternative. First, we applied the PRO-TEC Oxygen Sensor & Catalytic Converter Cleaner. The product caused the fault light to stop flashing after a short time. A few weeks later, we carried out an intake system cleaning with PRO-TEC Triple X PLUS and an oil change with PRO-TEC Engine Flush and PRO-TEC Oil Booster. After that, the Audi ran perfectly again – with absolutely minimal cost. Needless to say, the customer was overjoyed about it."

2. Diesel consumption clearly reduced

In his second example, Dirk Ress reports of a Fiat Ducato 2.3 JTD Multijet (built in 2009): "The owner of this vehicle came to us because his consumption of 12.5 liters per 100 kilometers at constant 120 km / h on the highway appeared to him clearly too high. He hoped that we would find a quick and easy solution to this problem since he had just recently purchased the motorhome and wanted to use it for a long time. We first proposed a diesel system cleaning with PRO-TEC Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect, because the previous owner had used the Ducato mainly in everyday life and as a second camper.  Because of this short-range operation, we suspected many deposits in the fuel system, which had a negative effect on the consumption. After the application and about 800 kilometers driven, the customer rechecked his diesel consumption. With great pleasure, he realized that he needed only 9.5 liters per 100 kilometers. So he had just got the quick and easy solution to his problem he had wished for!"