PRO-TEC eliminates engine knocking
Thursday, May 17, 2018

René Löffler, a service consultant at Hofmann's Autohaus Coburg (Germany), explains how a striking problem with a Toyota Land Cruiser J 120 was solved quickly, simply and cost-effectively by cleaning the diesel system with PRO-TEC and the Clear Flow.

"Our customers and we are more than satisfied with the products of the PRO-TEC brand. We use the products daily in our workshop and can give a lot of positive feedback!", René Löffler, a service consultant of Hofmann's Autohaus Coburg (Germany), summarizes his experiences with PRO-TEC. A special case he remembers particularly well:

"The vehicle introduced to us was a Toyota Land Cruiser J 120 with a 1KDFTV engine. It was obvious that there was a particularly acute problem here because you could hear the knocking sounds more than clearly. As a solution, we carried out a diesel system cleaning with the PRO-TEC Diesel System Super Clean and the Clear Flow.

We proceeded as follows: First, we connected the Injection System & Air Intake System Cleaning Device Clear Flow to the supply and return of the fuel system. After that, the engine was idling for about 30 minutes only with the pure cleaner. This was meant to thoroughly liberate the injectors of all operational deposits. We documented the process with the Toyota GTS tester.

The results were very convincing: following the cleaning, the diagnostic device showed an extremely improved smoothness of the return flow as well as a clean behavior of the injectors. The customer also found that the engine was running much quieter, the fuel consumption had dropped noticeably and the Land Cruiser was less smoking. This finding was confirmed in another test with the GTS tester after 10,000 kilometers driven. PRO-TEC provided the perfect solution for this difficult case!"