PRO-TEC against heavy carbonization
Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Auto Selek GmbH in Neustadt near Coburg (Germany) has restored the drivability of a VW Polo by means of various PRO-TEC products. In the vehicle, an extremely stubborn 1 cm thick carbon layer had accumulated on the surfaces around the combustion chambers.

It looked like the surface of Mars – there is no better description for the extreme carbonization of the VW Polo (built 2007, 1.4 liters, 160,000 km). The massive black carbon layer was almost on all surfaces around the combustion chambers and threatened to partially block the pipelines. Therefore, it was not surprising that the vehicle could hardly be driven. Almost immediately after the start, the engine switched into the emergency operation and the engine control light was constantly on.

In view of this problem, Auto Selek GmbH from Neustadt near Coburg (Germany) chose PRO-TEC Carbon X, the targeted and highly effective combustion chamber cleaning system. With the help of the two-component product, large parts of the carbonization could be solved in a short time and removed without residue. The rest was then scraped off with mechanical means and suctioned off. In the end, PRO-TEC Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect was used to eliminate even the smallest operational residues.

After this extensive application, the fuel system and the combustion chambers of the VW Polo were nearly "as new" again. To the delight of the owner, the drivability of the car could be completely restored!