PRO-TEC – for a workshop life long!
Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jürgen Schwaab, a longtime PRO-TEC customer with his workshop AD Autodienst SCHWAAB in Maikammer, Germany, reports on his experiences with the numerous products of the highly effective workshop brand, which accompanied him until his retirement in 2017.

"I remember well how it all started back then. It was sometime in the late 1990's when a PRO-TEC employee introduced himself in my workshop. He had several flyers and catalogs and told me a lot about vehicle chemistry. Initially, I was quite skeptical of his offer, I must admit. However, this attitude has changed very quickly ...", reports Jürgen Schwaab, owner of the AD Autoservice SCHWAAB in Maikammer (Germany). After nearly 20 years of working with PRO-TEC, he started his well-deserved retirement in 2017. Previously, he looked back on his experiences with the workshop brand.

Jürgen Schwaab: "PRO-TEC? I would recommend it anytime!"

"My decision to work with PRO-TEC came mainly from the convincing effectiveness of the products. I had to experience the products only once and I was almost a fan. Additionally, I liked the wide range of applications that PRO-TEC offered me. From the internal cleaning of the engine to the care of the fuel system, everything could be perfectly integrated into my workshop routine!"

At his first order for PRO-TEC, Jürgen Schwaab tried many of the products in the extensive product range. By 2017, he has tested almost everything at least once in his workshop.

"The high quality and the convincing price-performance ratio of PRO-TEC are unbeatable. In addition, over the years I have received an incredible amount of positive feedback from my clients. After a diesel system cleaning for example, the vehicle owners are usually more than satisfied. That is why I even went so far that I gave my customers a money back guarantee if they were not happy with an application. In all these years, I have never experienced that someone made use of this offer. PRO-TEC is convincing – and therefore I would recommend it anytime!"