A quarter of a century with PRO-TEC
Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Karl-Heinz Raabe, self-employed entrepreneur from Berlin, Germany, and owner of “Autotechnik Karl-Heinz Raabe”, has worked for more than 26 years with PRO-TEC. How he experienced the time with the highly effective brand, he describes in a detailed interview.

Mr. Raabe, you started working with PRO-TEC in 1992. How did it happen then?

That was nothing special at all. I have seen in a Berlin newspaper the simple job advertisement "Independent Partner wanted" and wrote a message to the specified address. I cannot say exactly what it was, but something about this advertisement made me incredibly curious. Therefore, I got in touch with PRO-TEC and was invited to the basic training in Leutenberg.

What happened there?

As part of a very detailed introduction, all the central products of the range were presented and their mode of action impressively demonstrated. The presentation was very convincing and really got me excited. I wanted to start selling immediately!

And that is, what you did?

That is right! I left Leutenberg with a car full of products and was highly motivated. As soon as possible, I wanted to try out what I had learned and do my own training. Especially because of the customer contact, I was particularly excited.

Why was that so important to you?

Because I think a customer relationship should not end right after the sale. The personal care, the direct contact and the regular conversation are in my opinion very important. This basic idea also runs through the workshop concept of PRO-TEC, which is why I felt well cared for here from the beginning.

How would you describe yourself as a PRO-TEC partner?

I have always behaved as I would imagine the perfect account manager: unobtrusive, factual, helpful, consistent, straightforward. With this recipe, I have always been well received by all my customers.

A recipe for success that has proven itself for 26 years.

Right, and I am very proud of that.

You deserved that. Mr. Raabe, thank you very much for the good cooperation! PRO-TEC wishes you all the best for your retirement!