PRO-TEC and the Motorsport

There is nowhere else engines face a tougher challenge than on the racetrack. That is why all the technical expertise that comes from the track is so valuable for PRO-TEC. Many different products and developments are in use all around the world at a wide variety of events, driving forward the constant development of our product portfolio. From GT Sport to Rally series to the Speedway, PRO-TEC supports a wide range of drivers, teams, and events on both the national and international levels. Each individual project provides important feedback, an indispensable asset to PRO-TEC as a technology leader in the vehicle chemicals industry.


ADAC GT Masters


For many years, the involvement in the “League of Super Sport Cars” at the ADAC GT Masters has been a consistent source for technical expertise and new insight for PRO-TEC. Pre-series production vehicles, and especially their engines, have to stand up to extreme conditions like a constant combination of ultra-fast acceleration and hard braking phases in the fast-pace GT3 racing series. These are conditions that cannot be replicated in any lab.

With the support of Saxon team YACO Racing, which has been in existence since the 2012 season, PRO-TEC was able to gather helpful information at many different exciting racing weekends. After a thorough analysis by our own internal labs, we are able to use this knowledge in series production for our new products. In addition, direct driver feedback from the mixed doubles Philip Geipel (Plauen, Germany) and Rahel Frey (Aedermannsdorf, Switzerland) made a key contribution to optimizing the PRO-TEC product range. 




PRO-TEC supports drivers, teams, and racing series focused on the unique sport of drifting both in Germany and all over the world. The different products from our extensive product portfolio are making a key contribution to ensure the technology does not fail under the strain of drifting, and that wear stays low. This helps ensure that drivers can stay confident and stylish as they elegantly drive the best line with good speed and a good drift angle.

Since the stresses involved in drifting are extremely high – especially for the drive train – this motorsport is another important way for PRO-TEC to gain valuable information used to optimize the product portfolio in the internal research and development department. In addition, constant discussions with drivers and mechanics fuel the PRO-TEC innovation process: 


Drift On Ice


PRO-TEC has been sponsoring the Drift On Ice speedway spectacle since the 2012/13 season. The legendary ice series, where the "PRO-TEC Cup" is awarded each year, has been a real winner from the very start with its fast-paced action on the slick and icy track. The combination of exciting starts, daring drifts and breathtaking dashes for the chequered flag make these events so unique.

PRO-TEC not only sponsors the entire series, but also the riders Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer. Both prodigies from Team PRO-TEC are constantly fighting for overall victory, which both have succeeded in winning more than once. To allow them to focus fully on their racing despite the harsh conditions on the ice track, they use PRO-TEC lubricants to protect their machines from breakdown. And in doing so, supply us with valuable information which enables us to improve our formulas at the same time.

From the kick-off in Freital to the encore at the Waldbad Oberau, the 6th PRO-TEC Cup offered a lot of hot action on a mirror-smooth track. The 2017/18 season of Drift On Ice convinced with drivers from seven nations (Slovakia, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Poland), a thrilling supporting program and the again captivating title fight between the two PRO-TEC drivers Richard Geyer and Ronny Weis.

Freital (25/11/2017) and Jonsdorf (03/02/2018) – Head to Head at the Beginning

At the beginning of the season, Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer were absolutely equal on the ice. Both drivers were able to collect enough points in the heats in both Freital and Jonsdorf to reach the final round. There, however, the results were different. In Freital, Ronny Weis made a dream start, through which he could immediately take the lead and get the victory – and that, after he had some problems with his setup in the preliminary round. Richard Geyer had to accept second place here. In Jonsdorf, on the other hand, Ronny Weis also had a perfect start in the final race, but a small gap in the first corner was enough and Richard Geyer took the lead. Therefore, Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer both had the same points after each of them getting one first and one second place in the first two events.

Chemnitz (24/02/2018) and Dresden (25/02/2018) – Close Decision in the Final

The grand final of Drift On Ice 2017/18 did not start optimally for Ronny Weis. In Chemnitz, he had some difficulties with his clutch, which were not so big that he did not reach the final, but still enough to prevent the first place. His teammate Richard Geyer, who delivered a flawless performance on that day, took it. Ronny Weis landed at the beginning of the final weekend in third place. Powered by this setback, he fully concentrated on the victory in Dresden. He finished the heats with the full score and also dominated the final. He earned the day's win, but it was not enough for the title. This was grabbed by his teammate Richard Geyer.

Waldbad Oberau, 03/03/2018 – The Encore

As weather conditions allowed, an encore at the Waldbad Oberau was added after the final of the 6th PRO-TEC Cup. The newly crowned champion Richard Geyer prevailed here clearly and took the victory. His toughest opponent Ronny Weis unfortunately did not take part, as he was already in deserved vacation.

Sponsored by PRO-TEC

As usual, Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer of Team PRO-TEC could once again rely on the support of the bluechemGROUP. The highly effective care products of the workshop brand PRO-TEC accompanied them from race to race. With these helpers, Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer were able to effectively minimize the wear on the mechanics. PRO-TEC once again delivered the all-round carefree package for motorcycles!

Anticipation knew no bounds as the 5th PRO-TEC Cup was announced in September 2016. The legendary Drift On Ice series reported a rider's field for the 2016/17 season, which not only included riders from a total of six nations (Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Russia, Denmark, Ukraine), but also numerous full-time professional and semi-professional riders. Our two PRO-TEC riders, Richard Geyer and Ronny Weis, could be found in the line-up as usual, of course, and, as ever, had overall victory firmly in their sights.

Dresden (31/10/2016) and Malchow (07-08/01/2017) – Precursor to Success

Although our two PRO-TEC riders safely reached the final in the first race of the 2016/17 season in Dresden, getting there was no mean feat. Ronny Weis, in particular, found it hard to show his full prowess in the first race and had to plump for second. Richard Geyer, on the other hand, roared into first place even though the competition was pretty strong. Two months later, he managed a repeat performance at the second event in Malchow in Mecklenburg-Pomerania, from which he emerged as an impressive winner. Even though he succeeded in asserting himself with aplomb against his opponents, the second weekend of the season went less well for his PRO-TEC team-mate Ronny Weis. He had to settle for second place and even third in one race.

Waldbad Oberau (22/01/2017), Jonsdorf (04/02/2017), Freital (05/02/2017) – Turnaround to the Final

The additional open air event in the Waldbad Oberau on natural ice was a special highlight in the 5th PRO-TEC Cup. Surprisingly, no riders from Team PRO-TEC won first place at this event, and the race marked a turnaround in the 2016/17 season, with Ronny Weis (2nd place) beating Richard Geyer (3rd place) for the first time. The last two events were decisive for establishing overall victory at the 5th PRO-TEC Cup. In Jonsdorf, Ronny Weis succeeded in reducing the points distance to Richard Geyer to just one point. Richard Geyer finishing in 3rd place behind Ronny Weis (1st place) meant that there would be a jump-off. Speedway veteran Ronny Weis decided this for himself and convincingly assured himself overall victory as a result.

Sponsored by PRO-TEC

Even though Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer from Team PRO-TEC were always in bitter competition in the fight for overall victory, both relied on the support provided by PRO-TEC products. In constant use from race to race, PRO-TEC care products kept wear to a minimum in the rough and icy conditions. PRO-TEC provided the all-round care for the bikes making sure the machines always performed reliably.

That the legendary Drift On Ice series 2015/16 season was going to be an absolute highlight full of action was already clear in July 2015. The precursor for this was the 4th PRO-TEC Cup, which had delighted fans with riders from a total of five nations (Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, Netherlands), each of whom was determined to raise the trophy in victory at the final. As was to be expected, our two PRO-TEC riders, Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer, were amongst the contenders as always. The fact that only three events were to take place, meant that they had to reach the final in every single race to win…

Freital (19/12/2015) and Jonsdorf (10/01/2016) – The Prelude

The fact that the temperatures were still too high at the first event for the race in Freital, meant that the season could start on 19/12/2015. Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer used the summer months to prepare intensively for the up-and-coming challenges and focussed on their setup and starts. This gave them the confidence they needed for the race and they delivered an absolutely convincing performance: Ronny Weis confidently secured first place, while Richard Geyer came in second. The race developed in a very similar fashion in Jonsdorf (10/01/2016): Both Team PRO-TEC riders reached the final. This time, Richard Geyer won, even though he was plagued by a minor cold.

Waldbad Oberau (24/01/2016) and Dresden (21/02/2016) – The Season's Conclusion

The second half of the Drift On Ice 2015/16 season began with good news: A short-term opportunity opened up to stage an additional outdoor event in Waldbad Oberau in (24/01/2016). But then, just as everything was perfectly setup, the shock came: the event had to be cancelled due to a spate of serious vandalism. This shifted the focus of attention to preparations for the grand finale in Dresden (21/02/2016). Team PRO-TEC used the intervening period to train by taking part in two ice races in Poland (Torun, Czestochowa). Unfortunately, Richard injured his hand, but this did not affect the season’s final in Dresden. The 17-year-old reached the final easily, while team-colleague Ronny Weis was faced with considerable problems with his bike. He also succeeded in reaching the final in the end however. The final race would decide who was to be the Drift On Ice 2015/16 champion. Fortunately, both Ronny Weis and his bike were back on top form again, so nothing could hold them back. Despite this, the experienced speedway rider could not stop his team-mate winning. Richard Geyer not only won the final, but also the 4th PRO-TEC Cup.

Sponsored by PRO-TEC

Team PRO-TEC was able to rely on PRO-TEC once again. In constant use from race to race, PRO-TEC care products kept wear to a minimum in the rough and icy conditions at the Drift On Ice. "PRO-TEC care products provide the engines and all the moving parts on our bikes with perfect protection. This means we can concentrate on the race fully and don't have to worry about any technical problems," state Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer.

Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine – Riders from a total of four nations met in the 2014/15 season to compete in the legendary Drift On Ice series. Numerous duels played out in six highly exciting races delivered the winner of the 3rd PRO-TEC Cup. The line-up included Richard Geyer and Ronny Weis from Team PRO-TEC as always. Both of them impressed onlookers with breathtaking head-to-head races at every event. Especially impressive was just 16 year-old Richard Geyer, who delivered more than a convincing performance.

Freital (22/11/2014), Leipzig/Taucha (23/11/2014), Jonsdorf (10/01/2015) – The First Half

The opening race in the 3rd PRO-TEC Cup was entirely dominated by PRO-TEC rider Richard Geyer. Team colleague, Ronny Weis, was close on his heels in every event, but failed to beat the exceptionally talented rider. Richard convinced the crowd with his super-quick starts, skilful drifts and perfectly executed overtaking manoeuvres. Not only did he win almost all the preliminaries, he also won the final race. Ronny Weis took second place on the podium.

Schönheide (21/02/2015), Dresden (22/02/2015), Chemnitz (07/03/2015) – The Second Half

Following his victory in the first race in the second half of the 2014/15 season, this season Richard Geyer also achieved a victory which had never been achieved before. Four successive days of winning was an achievement no Drift On Ice rider had ever achieved before and was a truly amazing performance from such a young man! In Dresden, however, his winning streak came to an end when he was beaten by his team mate Ronny Weis. The race turned out to be an absolute head-to-head for the fans, with high-tension drama right up until the last moment. In the end though, the speedway veteran managed to burst into the lead and secure first place. The result of the final in Chemnitz proved to be a repeat of before: First: Richard Geyer, Second: Ronny Weis. Despite his efforts, even top-flight Polish rider Marcel Kaiser from Rawicze didn’t succeed in changing the result. Richard Geyer ended up being the overall winner of the 3rd PRO-TEC Cup.

Sponsored by PRO-TEC

Even though Ronny Weis and Richard Geyer had their own strategy for each race, they did not want to take any risks when it came to their machines, so put all their faith in PRO-TEC products. At the end of the season Ronny said: "We have a saying in our sport: 'oil well, ride well' – so, in that sense, the care products from PRO-TEC are perfect for me! The support from PRO-TEC means I can concentrate fully on the race, because I don't have to worry about my bike." 


Rally World


Whether in the desert, on back roads, or on normal streets – PRO-TEC provides support for a wide range of Rally events all over the world. The quality brand stands by drivers and teams from Mongolia to Finland and Panama, and also works on full series. PRO-TEC and rallying have been synonymous for many years.

The goal of the sponsorship is to gain key insight to consistently optimize the extensive range of products. No matter whether it is Rallysprint or Rallycross – every event provides valuable information on engine stress under sometimes extreme conditions. The cars deliver hot races with daring drifts and spectacular driving maneuvers in the wind and weather – providing exciting results you cannot duplicate in a laboratory.