ReDesign for PRO-TEC: Keep it more colorful
Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Thanks to striking and clear signal colors, the application area and the effect of each PRO-TEC product can be identified even more easily. This makes it easier to handle the extensive range and prevents possible misuse.

PRO-TEC is not only a highly effective quality brand but also a user-friendly workshop brand. Therefore, the comprehensive range guarantees both efficiency with maximum customer satisfaction as well as simple work with the highest degree of user comfort. PRO-TEC wants to optimize the day-to-day tasks of a workshop, which is already evident in the appearance of the various products. The current ReDesign underlines this aspect. Striking and clear signal colors make the handling of the extensive assortment much easier because the application area and the respective effect are clearly visible. This allows intuitive and targeted access to the articles and prevents possible misuse.

The following information can be found at the first glance on the label:

1. The color of the main category provides information on the application area of the product. For example, a distinction is made between engine, fuel system petrol, radiator system, etc.

2. The color of the subcategory stands for the effect achieved by the product in the respective application area:

a. Cleaning – All products that effectively and almost independently remove even stubborn contamination.
b. Protection – Various maintenance, care and grease products for all parts of the vehicle.
c. Performance – High-performance additives for upgrading lower-quality fuels or oils.
d. Sealants – Tools for maintenance, care and repair in a wide range of applications.

3. Each article is given an individual product color in the color range of the subcategory.

The new design will be rolled out systematically. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: <CLICK>