Hand Cleaning Paste + Care: Only the best for the skin
Thursday, July 26, 2018

The new cleaning and care product by PRO-TEC removes even stubborn dirt (oil, grease, lubricants, etc.) and provides adequate skin refatting as well as long-lasting protection for the heavy demanded hands of car professionals.

Some jobs in a car workshop occur almost every week. Absolute evergreen favorites are, for example, the tire change, the annual inspection or even the replacement of the brake. It is perfectly normal that you make your hands dirty. Engine oil, brake fluid or soot are just some of the things that the skin is exposed to and that leave their mark. This can cause cracks, redness or itching very quickly. In the worst case, it even causes eczema. This should be avoided urgently!

PRO-TEC presents gentle cleaning and regenerative care

To ensure that the hands of a car professional – the most important tools – are always ready for use, they should be cleaned of aggressive dirt and thoroughly hydrated after each operation. For this PRO-TEC recommends the new product Hand Cleaning Paste + Care. It contains special abrasives, which are of a high proportion of vegetable origin, and that even remove heavy soilings such as oils, greases, lubricants and dust. At the same time, ingredients made from coconut oil ensure a good moisturizing of the skin after the washing process. Hand Cleaning Paste + Care is pH-neutral, silicone and solvent-free and has been dermatologically tested with "very good". Due to the natural ingredients, also an annoying clogging of drains is excluded.