ECOPOWER: protection and care for hybrid vehicles
Thursday, August 16, 2018

PRO-TEC's new product line was developed specifically for the irregular use of internal combustion engines in modern hybrid vehicles. Regular application of the highly effective products prevents problems caused by operational contamination.

The time when vehicles with internal combustion engines dominated the automotive industry is slowly but surely ending. Alternative drive concepts – electric motors, hydrogen engines, etc. – are constantly on the rise. However, many of the modern technologies are still struggling with difficulties, which is why they lack the broad recognition of the population. Only hybrid vehicles enjoy a great reputation with both drivers and manufacturers. Therefore, they can be considered the secret winners of the technological competition. Nevertheless, in spite of all the benefits that a hybrid may offer, it is not completely free of problems. Workshops are therefore well advised to include in time services for hybrid vehicles in their portfolio. PRO-TEC now has the perfect offer for this with the new product line ECOPOWER.

PRO-TEC for optimal hybrid performance

The ECOPOWER line addresses one of the biggest problems of hybrid vehicles: operational contamination in the combustion engine. Since the engine runs only irregularly, it seldom reaches the optimal operating temperature, whereby it does not work optimally. The consequences are the formation of carbonization, condensation and oil sludge and the clogging of the filter and sensor systems such as the catalytic converter or the lambda probe. The consequence of this, in turn, is a constant loss of power, an increased fuel consumption and steadily worsening exhaust emissions. The best way to avoid these problems quickly and easily is to use the vehicle chemical solutions of the new ECOPOWER product line. The TÜV-tested products gently and thoroughly liberate all affected areas (oil circuit, fuel system, exhaust system) of operational contamination. In particular, the preventive application of the ECOPOWER line has proven to be particularly effective in keeping the performance of the internal combustion engine of hybrid vehicles constant. Regular use of the range, therefore, provides comprehensive protection to preserve the performance of the hybrid permanently!