Coming soon: PRO-TEC oil
Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Thanks to the joint venture partner Action Bluechem Asia Ltd. of bluechemGROUP, high quality PRO-TEC oils and lubricants have already been available on the Chinese market for quite some time. Soon, they will also be available all over the world.

PRO-TEC, technological leader in the vehicle chemicals sector, has stood for highly effective cleaning, care, and maintenance products worldwide for over 30 years. Both international wholesalers and local workshops on every continent trust in the quality of many different PRO-TEC products each day. To live up to this high standard, the product range is continously improved by in-house research and development, and expanded by new products. In the future, PRO-TEC will also be offering a variety of oils and lubricants.

PRO-TEC oils take over the Chinese market

The new PRO-TEC product range came from China, and from the partnership with Action Bluechem Asia Ltd. (ABA), the Asian joint venture partner of the bluechemGROUP. Because there has been such a sharp increase in demand for PRO-TEC oils and lubricants from Chinese retailers, the products have been launched on the market there several weeks ago. ABA received lots of feedback very quickly, all of it positive. That is why the international launch of PRO-TEC oils and lubricants is now prepared.

However, that day is still a few weeks out. The exact date of the market launch will be announced in the near future.