1988 – 2018: PRO-TEC celebrates its 30th anniversary
Monday, March 26, 2018

The international workshop brand turns 30! Starting with a "handful of products", PRO-TEC has become the technology leader in vehicle chemistry and a global partner of the automotive industry over the past three decades.

The triumph of PRO-TEC began in 1988 with Werner Urban, the President of the bluechemGROUP. Thanks to his clear vision, his strong hands-on mentality and his unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit, the highly effective products of the renowned quality brand were quickly launched in Germany and soon all over the world. He explains: "My goal was to turn the handful of products available to me at the beginning into the standard vehicle chemistry equipment of every car repair shop. From the very beginning, I have focused on innovative and sustainable formulations that have proven effectiveness – that was my recipe for success, and it still is today!" It is thanks to this relentless pursuit that in 2018 PRO-TEC is the technology leader in the field of vehicle chemistry and a worldwide partner of the automotive industry. Through constant innovation and proven expertise, the renowned quality brand has established itself as a constant in the international market in its 30-year history.

PRO-TEC conquers the world

The development of PRO-TEC has been characterized by rapid growth from the beginning. The workshop brand had more than 12,000 satisfied customers in Germany a short time after its founding. These included both independent workshops and well-known wholesalers. Driven by this progress, the next step was clear: PRO-TEC had to become international! Several worldwide distribution partners were quickly found in the 1990's, so the distribution network was soon extended to all European countries. In 2009, PRO-TEC had about 80 distribution partners on all continents – a development that continues until the anniversary year 2018. Thanks to more than 120 general importers, PRO-TEC is now available on all continents.

More space for big deeds

What began in 1988 as the "handful of products" has become an extensive portfolio over the years that allows a variety of cleaning, maintenance and care applications for various automotive system cycles. Whether fuel system, oil circuit or automatic transmission – PRO-TEC offers comprehensive solutions that ensure the mobility of a vehicle. In order to do justice to the growth of PRO-TEC, the corporate headquarters in Germany also needed to expand. First, the headquarters was moved to the South Thuringian Großgeschwenda and expanded by a training center and a fully equipped demonstration workshop. In 1999, with the CTP GmbH, founded in Leutenberg, production site was added. A new warehouse was built in 2012 for the extensive range of the renowned quality brand.

The future as a goal

As an internationally recognized quality brand for high-performance and innovative premium products for vehicle cleaning, maintenance and care, PRO-TEC today has millions of satisfied customers worldwide – from workshops to wholesalers. They all trust in the high standards that PRO-TEC has committed itself since its founding. The emerging path that PRO-TEC has pursued over the past 30 years will be followed in the future, thus continuing the success story!