PRO-TEC – Excellence Assured!

As a quality brand, PRO-TEC stands for high-performance products offering maximum added value thanks to their high level of effectiveness and optimally compatibility. Environmental-friendliness always takes first place at the top of the list here. Independent tests and certifications performed by accredited test institutions verify that this requirement is consistently and comprehensively met.

One of the key pillars of PRO-TEC concept is the regular confirmation of the reliable effectiveness of our product range and the "Made in Germany" proof of origin. The compatibility of numerous PRO-TEC products with a wide variety of materials and surfaces is also affirmed by several test methods or institutions.

Made in Germany


More than 50 percent of PRO-TEC's real net output ratio lies in Germany. As a result, all the products bear the "Made in Germany" TÜV seal which clearly confirms the origin of the products and the high quality standards applied to them. This clear transparency in production makes an important contribution to protecting the consumer.


Certified Action


TÜV Thuringia has also been regularly testing the quality of PRO-TEC products since 2011. As an independent certification body, they perform comprehensive tests and inspection on selected items in line with pertinent standards, regulations and guidelines. These certifications confirm the effectiveness of PRO-TEC, thus increasing national and international market acceptance and customer satisfaction.

Some examples of the proven effects of PRO-TEC

  • Increase in the octane or cetane number (Octane Booster, Cetane Booster)
  • Increase in compression pressure (e. g.: Fuel Line Cleaner)
  • Reduction in exhaust emissions (e. g.: Internal Engine Cleaner)
  • Reduction in fuel consumption (e. g.: Common Rail Diesel System Clean & Protect)
  • Wear reduction (e. g.: Nano Internal Engine Sealant)

PRO-TEC quality: patented and certified

As a technology leader in the vehicle chemicals industry, developing new products and processes is a matter of course for PRO-TEC. Our goal for most of our developments is to obtain a patent.  We received one of our most important patents in February of 2002, for “Process and device for removing deposits in combustion fuel machines and their use.”

In addition to patents, OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturer) also play a key role in confirming PRO-TEC quality. Vehicle manufacturers like VW, BMW, Ford, Toyota, Mazda, Skoda, Kia, Hyundai etc. have also thoroughly tested and reviewed many of our products, approving them for use without restriction.