The Technology Leader Introduces Itself

PRO-TEC is a quality brand belonging to the bluechemGROUP that operates throughout the world. The PRO-TEC brand stands for highly efficient yet environmentally-compatible vehicle chemicals which are developed, tested and manufactured in in-house laboratories, test workshops and production shops. PRO-TEC is available on every continent through a worldwide network of distributors, wholesalers and workshops.

The PRO-TEC success story began in 1988 with a mere handful of products that gradually developed into the household name so famous throughout the world today. With its central focus on car cleaning, car care and car maintenance, the product range is constantly being expanded and adapted to the market. PRO-TEC targets professional users worldwide in the automotive, logistics and industry sectors.

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The PRO-TEC Philosophy

PRO-TEC maintains a comprehensive approach, which is both solution-oriented and sustainable. PRO-TEC products are highly effective and environmentally friendly at the same time, which makes them unique in the market. This is because environmental protection has always played a decisive role in developing new products and improving existing ones. Close cooperation with leading partners from science and technology plays a key role in this.

What is more, PRO-TEC customers are not just customers, but business partners as well. As sales partners, they adopt a key function in the overall PRO-TEC concept based on the principle of close cooperation coupled with a high level of individual responsibility. Every PRO-TEC partner benefits from the maximization of customer satisfaction, the increase in own sales, the minimization of the time-related workload and the reduction of the complaint rate.

The PRO-TEC Product Range

As a full-range supplier, the comprehensive PRO-TEC portfolio is made up of than 100 products that address a wide range of applications. The range includes preventive care products, products for the immediate maintenance and full service products for all kinds of vehicles.

The advantages that the products in the PRO-TEC range offer lie in their excellent convenience of use. They allow users to remedy problems quickly without having to revert to complex mechanical repair work. Their cleaning and wear-minimising effect significantly lengthens the service life of key aggregates. The extreme high real net output ratio in Germany means that all the products carry the "Made in Germany" TÜV seal.